Shower seal water deflector straight PVC replacement seal for shower type: VA001-15 - 2 pieces

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✔ SHOWER SEALING PROFILE: VA001-15. In our online shop you will find over 200 models in all lengths, glass thicknesses and different lengths of sealing lips. ✔ Order one piece and get two pieces or a pair of shower seals

✔ HIGH QUALITY PVC WITH EXCELLENT EQUIPMENT ✔ Length: 40 - 200 cm ✔ Sealing lip: 15 mm ✔ We also have other lengths of the sealing lip, more on this in our shop! ✔ All of our seals are suitable for glass, plastic glass, ESG and VSG glass.

✔ UNIVERSAL FIT: This seal is suitable for glass doors with a thickness of 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm , 10 mm, 11 mm and 12 mm. You can simply shorten the seal to the appropriate length of the door, e.g. using a cutter or saw. Not suitable for round showers. The shower seal is ideal as a replacement part for your current shower bar, shower lip, rubber lip, sealing lip, water-repellent profile or surge protection bar. ✔ RETAIL QUALITY

✔ EASY INSTALLATION: Peel off your old, discolored and porous shower seal. After cleaning the glass door and cutting the new lip seal, simply plug in your new VON ADELBERG Premium shower seal - that's it.

✔ INTERPLAY OF TWO PVC HARDENINGS: The seals consist of two elements: soft sealing lips ( 70 Shʾa D) and a harder shower profile (80 Shʾa D).

Technical data

Profile form: even
Glass thickness: 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm
Magnet: without magnet
Shower type: corner shower, pentagonal shower, corner shower with corner entry
Montage: to clip on
Installation location: wall
Profile type: Stop profile, wall profile

Use and application

Duschdichtung VA001-15

More details

High-quality shower seals that can be used as replacement seals for replacement. The resistance to moisture and the flexible edges make these shower seals an ideal closure for your shower door or shower cubicle and seal them off without any problems.

The shower seals are made up of 2 different PVC thicknesses, so that this consists of a soft and a hard part. As a result, the shower seal remains particularly durable and stable without losing any of its flexibility. The hard part was made of hard PVC with a hardness of 80 Sh'a D; the soft part, however, is made of soft PVC with a hardness of 70 Sh'a D.

The shower in the bathroom is used every day - even several times a day. Because of this, the glass seals become unsightly after a while. By replacing the seals, you can quickly upgrade the look of your shower (including winter garden). The new glass seals can be exchanged quickly and then again offer optimal tightness for showering pleasure. We deliver new goods with German quality. The seals are used for different purposes and are ideal for replacing old and damaged seals.